The Alchemist’s Secret 

secret 34

Travel writer, India Lake, must safeguard not only an alchemist's secret, but save herself from the flames of love's deadliest fire.

 When India inherits a house in the south of France and leaves London for the summer, her affair with architect, Theo, looks set to suffer. But Theo's dark past catches up with him and he escapes to be with India.

The discovery of a renaissance travelling trunk leads India on a quest for a mystical bronze table. When she encounters enigmatic historian, Lucien Beroul, also seeking the table, can he be trusted? Joining him on the mission their provocative relationship begins.

Caught in a web of alchemy and passion, India discovers not only the secret, but the truth about Beroul, Theo, and most of all, herself.

    Front Cover: courtesy Bridgeman Images

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