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I am one of the founding astrologers for  http://www.theastrologyroom.com/

I provide a phone line consultation service by appointment only. Please contact me via the site, or via the contact form.

A bit about me:

I trained at Middlesex Polytechnic in the UK in the 1970s for a B.Ed degree in Art. Since then, my pathways have changed many times, but I have essentially been a prolific writer, gentle mother, qualified astrologer (I hold a diploma in Psychological Astrology and trained with the Faculty of Astrological Studies), rock chick who worked in the music biz (and loved every minute of it) and now, apart from giving up one of those things, guess which, I am practicing my love of all the arts.

Recently, I also published my first novel, ‘The Alchemist’s Secret’ which you can find here: 

secret 34


About the book - 

I first came across the mysterious codex tablet in the archaeological museum in Antibes back in the late 1990s when I visited with a friend. 

I could not forget the words, and so this story was born. 

Yet, is it all fiction? Is imagination also the gateway to magic or the supernatural world? Does the secret place where our intrepid heroine is enlightened, actually exist?

 Yes it does!

 It is indeed a truly magical and sacred place. I have been there.

 If you look carefully among the pages of this book, you will discover clues to its whereabouts. But does the mystical secret actually exist too? That would be telling.

For art work - please contact me via the contact form

Blessings, and let the light of the universe shine through you every day


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